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Lavender Goods

All of our lavender goods are made with our California-grown feel-good flowers. From sachets to essential oils, we've got what you need to add a little solace to your life. 

Currently, our lavender goods are only available at the farm during U-Pick days and at local markets in the Fresno area. Online store coming later this year. 


Signature Lavender Fragrance Oil

Our Signature Lavender Fragrance Oil is the easiest way to take our lavender goodness with you wherever you go. With its convenient roller ball, all you need to do is roll it on and breathe deeply. 

Lavender Essential Oil | Provence

100% pure lavender essential oil. Nothing else. Made from our Provence variety, this oil has a beautifully floral scent with crisp eucalyptus notes. Add a few drops to your diffuser, blend it with other products, or dilute it and rub directly on skin.  


Lavender Botanical Mist

This is our pure hydrosol, or floral water, which is produced through the steam distillation of our lavender. With a green, floral scent, it can be used as a room and linen spray or even as a facial toner. It can also help relieve itchiness and irritation from bug bites or burns. 

Lavender Sachet

These stamped sachet bags are filled with our dried lavender buds. Toss it in a drawer, purse, or car to keep things smelling fresh. Lavender buds can hold their scent for years! Just give the sachet a squeeze and you'll immediately feel like you're standing in the middle of our lavender field!


Dried Lavender Bundle

If you miss out on our U-Pick days, don't worry

—dried lavender is always in season! Use it to decorate your home, add to other bouquets, or even remove the buds to use in a creation of your own.

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