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Solace Lavender Farm is a photographer’s dream! Where else in Fresno County can you find a field of blooming lavender? This year, we are excited to offer local photographers the opportunity to capture beautiful photos of their clients in our lavender field.  

Book early to reserve your time slot!

Important Information

  • The 2024 lavender bloom is going to be fabulous! We are currently anticipating the lavender to be blooming from mid-May through the end of June. Follow along on Instagram and our email newsletter for the most up-to-date information about bloom time.

  • Booking is done by the hour. Feel free to book one session at a time, or even book a couple hours and do multiple mini-sessions!

  • Photography field reservations are for professional photo sessions only. These are not u-pick experiences. If you are looking to pick lavender, take photos on your phone, or just stroll the field, then please join us at one of our U-Pick Days. 

  • Please know that you may be sharing the lavender field with other photographers. We want everyone to have the chance to shoot their photos at the best time and with the best lighting. If you would like to reserve the whole field for yourself, contact us for pricing.

  • There will be bees! Lavender is a favorite of bees and there will be lots of them. They are not aggressive and are only interested in feeding on the flowers. That said, if you or your clients have bee allergies, please bring any required medication in case of a bee sting.

  • We know that your photos are going to be magical! Please tag us (@solacelavenderfarm) in any social media posts that feature photos taken on our farm.

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