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Hey There

We are so glad you’ve reserved our farm for your photo shoot and can’t wait to see the results! Please read through our policies carefully so that you understand our expectations and ensure there will be no issues getting those magical photos taken.

You are responsible for informing your clients of the following:

  • There will be bees! Lavender is a favorite of bees and there will be lots of them. They are not aggressive and are only interested in feeding on the flowers. Please do not disturb the bees in any way. If you or your clients have bee allergies, please bring any required medication in case of a bee sting.

  • Be aware that the terrain around and between the lavender rows may be rough and uneven. The ground is covered by large wood chips. We do not recommend wearing sandals. ​

  • Be advised that there are only portable toilets on-site.

You are agreeing to the following policies:

  • Photographers must check-in with Dallas when they have arrived on-site and check-out when they depart. If Dallas is not on-site, this will be done via text message. 

  • Solace Lavender Farm is on private property. Only guests with a photography reservation and their clients are allowed on the property during the reserved time frame. 

  • Solace Lavender Farm is a working farm. Please respect and be careful around the plants, property, and equipment. Do not step on or place any items on lavender plants. Please let Solace Lavender Farm know of any accidental damage. You, the signee, are liable for any costs that may be incurred due to damaged property.

  • Picking flowers is strictly prohibited. If you or your clients would like to pick a bundle of lavender, check out our U-Pick Days!

  • Flammable items, glitter bombs, smoke bombs, confetti, sparklers, etc. are strictly prohibited. Do not use any messy or potentially hazardous props. Please consult Solace Lavender Farm before bringing any animals or large props into the lavender field. 

  • Solace Lavender Farm and N2 Farming Inc. assume no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to any equipment or belongings.

  • Solace Lavender Farm and N2 Farming Inc. are not responsible for personal injuries. Please be cautious walking on rough, uneven surfaces and avoid stepping over irrigation hoses. Solace Lavender Farm and N2 Farming Inc. are not responsible for injuries or reactions related to bee stings. 

  • Immediate departure from Solace Lavender Farm without refund will be required if these policies are violated.

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