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Welcome to Solace Lavender Farm!

Hey there! I'm so glad you've found the coolest new thing happening in Fresno County--Solace Lavender Farm! We are a small family farm in Kerman, California where we specialize in growing lavender and creating lavender goods.

We just put our first plants in the ground this past May, so our first full harvest will be next summer in 2023. Until then, I hope to keep you updated with what's happening on the farm so you can join us on the journey.

If you want to be the first to know about future events and products, sign up to receive our newsletter here. Also, find us on Instagram to see what's going on at the farm.

Before I say more, let me introduce myself so you know who is writing these blogs. I'm Dallas Nord--Lead Lavender Farmer at Solace Lavender Farm and the one most likely to lose track of time smelling lavender in the field. I am a third generation farmer on this land and grew up playing in the mud, climbing trees, and jumping in trailers full of cotton. After going to college and thinking that I might not want to be a farmer, I found myself back on a tractor and haven't looked back since.

How Solace Started

You know that period in the pandemic when everyone was baking their own sourdough bread and starting new hobbies? That's kind of where our story starts. While we didn't make any sourdough, my wife, Alex, started growing flowers for bouquets. At the same time, I was trying to imagine what new crops we could try at the farm. With flowers in mind, I discovered lavender farming and went down the lavender rabbit hole. I'm not sure I ever came out of it. I took an online class, joined the US Lavender Growers Association, and now have 1,600 lavender plants in the ground and plans to triple that number.

I guess there's a little more to that story though. As a farmer, I think it's best to grow what you love. Lavender didn't just sound like a good idea on paper, it was also something that my family and I were already using in our home. In particular, we had used it when our daughter had trouble sleeping. We found that lavender is great for helping calm anxiety and encourage rest.

That's also where the name Solace came from. Lavender is a comfort plant. It's a feel-good flower. There is something about its scent that our brains and bodies find so calming and soothing. Having experienced the sense of solace that lavender offers, we want to share that with others.

Vision for Solace Lavender Farm

Our vision for Solace Lavender Farm is that it will inspire self-care and neighbor-care. While lavender can help you experience peace and comfort, solace is best found with a bud. Sometimes you need to be your own best bud and practice some serious self-care. Other times you need to be a bud for someone else. We hope that our products will inspire and help you love your buds even better!

Starting next Summer, we will be offering products such as dried bouquets, craft distilled lavender essential oil, sachets, and more. We are also hoping to offer some U-pick opportunities so that you too can come to our farm and experience the solace that a field of lavender can bring.

If you haven't already, sign up for our email newsletter here so you can be the first to frolic through the lavender field!

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